Baby’s First Visit to Disneyland


20140403_035723000_iOSDisneyland has always been a special part of my life.  I have fond memories of visiting the park as a child with my parents, later going with youth groups, then as a teen going with my date to the park, and then our big all-night Grad Night party.

When I got married we visited less often (married young – no money!) but still went when we could afford it.  When our girls came along it brought a whole new magic, taking “littles” to the park. We continued to go as a family even after the girls were grown and married.

As empty-nesters, we still love to get away – just the two of us – to our favorite place on earth.  A trip for two can actually be quite romantic.  But, the last few years as we have watched the younger families with their small children, we have been dreaming about some day bringing our grandchildren to the park.  There is just something magical about small children in Disneyland. You can actually see the wonder in their eyes.


Our granddaughter was born in August and even before she arrived, we all talked about how much fun it was going to be to take her to DISNEYLAND!  Of course, we couldn’t even wait until she was walking before we took her – and even though at 8 months old I’m sure to her it was just music and color and people – she really enjoyed it and so did we!
20140404_160607447_iOSTips for taking an infant to Disneyland Resort:

  • When you wish to ride an attraction that is not baby-friendly, simply leave one of your party with baby while the others get into line (Stand-By or Fast Pass), then when you get to the front of the line, tell the Cast Member you need a Switch Pass.  They’ll give you a pass that you can take back to the babysitter.  The Switch Pass allows up to three guests to enter using the Fast Pass line.  That way you can take turns watching baby and everyone gets to ride. (In our case, Mommy was able to ride twice while Grandpa and then Grandma took turns watching the baby.)
  • A stroller is a must!  While infant carriers/backpacks are great, they do not hold all of the “stuff” required for a day at the park with baby – diapers, formula, bibs, toys, extra clothes, etc.  The stroller also gives baby a place to nap while you relax on the pier with a nice, cold beer!   ….bring your own, or rent one at the front gate. Be sure it is easily fold-able as you will need to fold it to board the tram or train. (Also be aware that Cast Members may move your parked stroller while you are visiting an attraction – but it is usually easy to find and they are there to help direct you if you need it.)
  • Carry loose items in a bag (or bags) under your stroller.  This makes it much easier when going through the security gates to enter the resort. It also makes it easy to park the stroller, grab just the bag you need, and go! (Be sure not to leave valuables.)
  • Most food service areas will be able to provide warmed water for bottles – just ask.  A small 6-pack size (or smaller) cooler is allowed and can be handy if you need to keep baby food or bottles cool.
  • Bring extra wipes.  These come in handy for more than just diaper changes; they can be used to clean up baby’s face, wipe down a table or high chair, etc.
  • Baby changing stations can be found inside most Disneyland Resort restrooms.
  • Bring sunscreen!  Baby’s skin is brand new and can burn easily. Be sure it is an age appropriate formula.
  • There is an awesome Baby Care Center inside each park.  Each is fully staffed and complementary to use. They offer a range of amenities including:
    • Nursing room with chairs
    • Changing room with tables
    • Feeding area with highchairs
    • Potty training chairs
    • Kitchen with microwave and sink
    • Main room with television, table and chairs
    • On-site shop offering formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, over-the-counter medications and pacifiers for purchase

The key with an infant is to be flexible.  Babies need to eat or be changed on their schedule. Luckily there is so much atmosphere and so many things to see that sitting down for a feeding can be quite relaxing and entertaining, too.
Disneyland with Arya 04-2014 088We certainly enjoyed this first visit with our little princess.  While we were thoroughly delighted with watching her reactions at 8 months, we can hardly wait until she is walking and talking.  That will be a whole new experience….and I’m sure it will be magical.




About Charla Reaves

I am crazy about all things Disney, and enjoy creating dream vacations for my clients at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, Disney's Aulani Resort, Disney Cruise Lines, and over 25 worldwide destinations with Adventures by Disney. My services and expertise are always free for my clients. I live in northern California with my husband, Mott, and my toy poodle, Little Miss Pearl the Wonderdog. I have two grown daughters and enjoy spending time with them and their families.

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