Where is your “Disney Home”?


Thanks to today’s world of social media, I have met a large number of “Disney Friends” from across the globe, and it has been such a pleasure to share our love of Disney in a place where it is truly appreciated.  It has been interesting to learn from others about how and when they first experienced Disney parks, which is their favorite, what experiences are on their Disney bucket-list, etc.

While there is so much to love on each coast (and across the globe, for that matter), I have found that most people favor the resort where they first experienced the magic.  As you might guess, most living closer to the east coast prefer Walt Disney World, and most living closer to the west coast prefer Disneyland.  And while fans can generally appreciate that both resorts are unique and have their own charm, some are adamant that their resort is the BEST and will argue with anyone who might think otherwise.  I find this kind of amusing, myself.

I have a place in my heart for both resorts.  But, because I was born and raised in southern California, I will always consider Disneyland to be my “Disney Home”.   How about you?


About Charla Reaves

I am crazy about all things Disney, and enjoy creating dream vacations for my clients at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, Disney's Aulani Resort, Disney Cruise Lines, and over 25 worldwide destinations with Adventures by Disney. My services and expertise are always free for my clients. I live in northern California with my husband, Mott, and my toy poodle, Little Miss Pearl the Wonderdog. I have two grown daughters and enjoy spending time with them and their families.

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