Adding Magic to your Wait Time


Disneyland Resort has a knack for ensuring every detail is a part of the “show”. They do an amazing job at keeping guests immersed in the magic from the moment you step through the gate. The biggest challenge in this area has always been the wait times and long lines for attractions, but Disney continues to come up with new ways to make these times a part of the overall experience.

Many of the attractions have queues which keep you entertained as you wind through the line – such as the caves and artifacts you encounter on your way into the Indiana Jones Adventure, or the vintage garages and Route 66 sights you wind through before boarding Radiator Springs Racers.

Several years ago, Disney came up with their Fastpass system which allows guests to go to designated attractions and get a ticket with a return time so you can go and enjoy the rest of the park until that time. Then you can come back and enjoy your ride without the long line.

Recently I heard that guests entering the Toy Story Mania queue were given an Etch-A-Sketch to play with during their wait in line.

Now, in addition to entertainment in the queues, Disney is providing entertainment as you wait for The World of Color! If you haven’t seen it yet, this is an amazing, must-see spectacular in Disney California Adventure. Many guests arrive early to secure their place for viewing. Now Disney has provided a game to be played on your cell phone and no download is required. Guests match the sequence of colors on Mickey’s Fun Wheel by tapping the same sequence on their phones. Take a peek at this video to see how it works.


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